Hospitality solution for PBXs that includes Hospitality Voice Mail + PBX programming + Telephone Call Accounting (embedded or stand-alone), both running on the same PC, integrated to the major PMSs used by hotels worldwide. SEE MORE

Info360 Informatec call accounting

A Call Manageament Solution, including call accounting that also allows for prepaid accounts importing, providing improved telecommunications results: cost savings, registration organization, high visibility and easy information sharing. SEE MORE

FLAvoice Telco

Scalable hospitality solution for Telcos and Cloud PBX Providers, which includes Call Accounting + Hospitality Voicemail (+ Wake-up Call + Minibar Posting + Room Status etc.) + PBX programming, integrated with the main PMSs used by hotels worldwide. SEE MORE

Call Accounting for Cloud PBX providers & Telcos

Comprehensive call accounting and invoice system for cloud PBX providers and Telcos, including web access for subscribers. SEE MORE

CDRs Retriever

CDRs Retriever software allows obtaining CDRs generated by PBXs, storing them in text files for later processing by third-party softwares. SEE MORE


Connects Grandstream UCM PBX to PMSs in Hotels. Includes call accounting. SEE MORE

Hospitality PBX Programmer

If you just need to integrate your PBX with PMS to check-in and check-out guests' extensions, this is the ideal solution. SEE MORE

Centralized Call Accounting for Hotels

With just one call accounting solution you control the telephone expenses of your you hotels, with automatic posting to the main PMSs. SEE MORE

Satisfaction Survey IVR

With Satisfaction Survey IVR you can evaluate the service of your contact center. SEE MORE

Voice Polling

Via telephone, do opinion surveys automatically. SEE MORE