PmsMidware-GS software connects a Grandstream UCM PBX with the hotel’s PMS, and includes call accounting, so no additional call accounting software is necessary.

• For Grandstream UCM PBX.
• Includes Call Accounting: no additional call accounting software is necessary.
• Compatible with 89 PMSs worldwide.
• Virtualizable
• Events managed:
      • PMS → Grandstream:
            • Check-in: allows guest to make calls.
            • Check-out: blocks the extension so that calls are not allowed.
            • Room move: moves guest information to a new room.
            • Room update: updates guest information.
            • Wake-up call: configures Wake-up calls to guest’s room.
            • DND: enables /disables “Do Not Disturb” on 
guest’s phone.
            • Messages: turns on/off message indicator on guest’s phone.
      • Grandstream → PMS:
            • Call accounting: sends charged calls to 
the PMS. Additional call accounting software is not necessary.
            • Room status: sends to the PMS the Room Status (clean, dirty, vacant, occupied …) dialed from guest’s phone.
            • Minibar: sends Minibar charges to the PMS.

• Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 40GB free on SSD (do not use HD), Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) or newer.
• 1 PBX Grandstream UCM.
• 1 compatible PMS.

PRICES (until June2023)
      • Annual Subscription: USD 2.20/extension/year.
      • Installation: included.
      • Support: included.
      • Lifetime License (payable only 1 time): USD 4.00/extension (requires purchase of a minimum of 50 extensions).
      • Annual support: 24%
      • Remote installation: USD 50.00