Support 24x7

To be by your side 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is the purpose of this section of our site. Here you can download, access our commercial documents and manuals.


For installation or update of the software available for download on this page a password is required, which is available to customers with update contract or that can be purchased separately at any time.
Do not start the update process if you do not have the password.
And, always back up your entire system before updating (and make sure you know how to install the backup if necessary).


Before you update your product, read the document that describes the changes made, as well as the required infrastructure (computer, memory, operating system etc.).
It may happen that you do not need to update your product simply due to the fact that any changes do not apply to the modules you use, or that your infrastructure does not support the updated version.
It may happen that updating requires minimal infrastructure configurations (processor, RAM, operating system, etc.) greater than what you currently have.

Free space on HD

IMPORTANT: we recommend that you have at least 30 GB free on the HD when you update any product.
UPDATES (password is required for update)
CDRsRetriever - Requires 64-bit Windows28/08/20231.0.1811.211.990 Download
FLAvoice - Requires 64-bit Windows21/09/202310.0.3735.994.054InformaçõesDownload
INFO360 Informatec - Full update22/08/20232.0.7b2308223.642.491.290 Download
INSTALLERS (password is required for installation)
Installer - CDRsRetriever - Requires 64-bit Windows28/08/20231.0.1829.423.832 Download
Installer - FLAvoice (SIP) - Requires 64-bit Windows21/09/202310. Download
Installer - INFO360 Informatec22/08/20232.0.7b2322083.642.491.290 Download
INFO360 - Pre-installation form - Enterprise (EN)22/08/202315160.256 Download
INFO360 - Pre-installation form - Enterprise (ES)22/08/202315179.200  Download
INFO360 - Registration form - Enterprise (EN)22/08/20237122.368 Download
INFO360 - Registration form - Enterprise (ES)22/08/20237121.856 Download
FLAvoice - Pre-Installation Checklist - Hotels - EN10/10/20221199.789 Download
FLAvoice - Pre-Installation Checklist - Hotels - ES10/10/20221199.759 Download
FLAvoice - User's Manual (EN)06/01/20209.3.125.605.076 Download
FLAvoice - User's Manual (ES)06/01/20209. Download
FLAvoice - User's Manual (PT)06/01/20209. Download
Concierge - requires FLAvoice v.9.1.324/01/20191.0.014.379.631 Download
Concierge Messages - requires FLAvoice v.9.1.324/01/20191.0.014.782.195 Download
Hospitality Portal (for Avaya Vantage™) - demo08/07/20201.0.1237.358.919 Download
Hospitality Portal (for Grandstream GXV3380™) - demo28/11/20191. Download
PMS (for Avaya Vantage™) - requires FLAvoice v.9.1.324/01/20191.0.18.839.560 Download
PMS (for Grandstream GXV3370™) - requires FLAvoice v.9.1.324/01/20191.0.18.839.553 Download
Wake-Up - requires FLAvoice v.9.1.324/01/20191.0.04.540.891 Download