Info360 Informatec Licensing There are 2 options for licensing the software: you can buy it (perpetual licensing) and pay for it only once, or lease it (monthly payment)..

Interface 100% via web browser The Info360 Informatec call accounting interface is fully operated via web browsers, killing the need for any kind of Windows application to use the product – whether it is by the system’s users or administrators.

Secure Access Info360 Informateccan be accessed securely via HTTPS. Optionally, it can be activated for access via HTTP.

Microsoft SQL Server Database The software uses a MS SQL Server database to offer reliability and scalability. For simpler setups, even the free version, MS SQL Express can be used. As a reference, each phone call occupies 1 kByte in the database.

Security mechanisms  NEW  Info360 Informatec has several mechanisms to increase security in access to information. Among them is the automatic processing of passwords used by users with the possibility of (a) Requirement of strong passwords, (b) Non-reuse of passwords, (c) Automatic password blocking after unsuccessful attempts, (d) Automatic password expiration and (e) Encryption in the storage of passwords.

Comprehensive Reports and Filter The use of 100% configurable filters, of any degree of complexity, means that the dozens of different reports are transformed into millions of options while maintaining the interface’s ease of use and consistence, as if by magic.

Multi-browser Interface Info360 Informatec is compatible with the main browsers and was developed to ensure that user and administrator tasks and configurations are intuitive, which results in administrative time and effort savings.

Customizable Dashboard A dashboard to fit your needs. You can personalize it to prioritize the information that is most important to your company, all with a simple, user friendly interface. Enjoy being able to check what the billing information that is most important to you, at a glance.

Differentiated Billing Rules Info360 Informatec allows you to define differentiated billing rules (for example, by trunks), dependent on the Access Code, Authorization Code, essentially what you need to define.

Bill Importing The Informatec Info360 solution allows you to import all the calls made by mobile devices and group them the telephone accounts for each user. Supported format: FEBRABAN.

Comparison between Telephone Companies Info360 Informatec compares the account you pay for your current telephone company with other telephone companies (and other rate plans), and shows how much you spend on each of the scenarios. This way, you can simulate if it is worth changing the operator (or rate plan).

Real-Time Pre-Paid  NEW  It allows the assignment of credits to the users and if there is a call in progress when the credits finish it will be automatically terminated. This ensures that users will not spend 1 cent more than allowed.

Management by Goals Allows for the placing of ceilings on users’ spending and, if necessary, the automatic blocking of the telephone after the ceiling has been reached via, for example, COS (Class Of Service), FAC (Forced Authorization Code), CSS (Calling Search Space), COR List. This feature is also known as Pre-paid.

Private calls attesting PBX users may quickly and easily, via web browsers, attest which call are to be considered personal.

Consumption Monitoring Monitor in real time directly in the Dashboard, consumption (in cumulative minutes or cumulative value) by type of call, by carrier or route, and receive alerts via email when reached configurable threshold.

Account Code Info360 Informatec call accounting software treats the CDRs issued by PBXs containing the Project Code to issue, automatically, phone bills to be charged to customers. This feature is commonly used by law firms, coworking companies and service providers.

Calls tracking  NEW  Know the full path of each incoming or outgoing call: who initiated it, whom it was transferred to, and who terminated it.

Asset inventory Through a generic interface you can control the inventory of assets such as cell phones, gateways, routers, software licenses and virtually any item you wish.

Connection authentication for CDRs collection Some equipment requires authentication of the connection for collection of CDRs. The Info360 Informatec implements various authentication methods, including: hmac-md5, hmac-md5-96, hmac-ripemd160, hmac-ripemd160-96, hmac-sha1, hmac-sha1-96, hmac-sha2-256, hmac-sha2-256-96, hmac-sha2-512, Hmac-sha2-512-96.

Multiple CDR collection PBXs have the most diverse ways to generate CDRs, and Info360 Informatec can handle all of them, including access encrypted via aes256-ctr, aes256-cbc, aes192-ctr, aes192-cbc, aes128-ctr , aes128-cbc, 3des-ctr, 3des-cbc, cast128-cbc, blowfish-cbc, arcfour, arcfour128 and arcfour256.

Multi-PBX There is no limit to the number of PABXs that can be used simultaneously by Info360 Informatec, nor is there a need for them all to be the same make or model. Obviously, the larger and more varied the PABXs used, the more robust the system’s infrastructure will have to be.

CDR collection running as a service Increased speed in processing CDRs, without the need to have sessions open on the collecting computers.

CDRs conversion running as a service 10 times faster, on average, than similar versions together with great performance and reliability; all without the need to have sessions open on the collection computers.

Compatibility with InfoBuffer360 Informatec Software Info360 Informatec is fully compatible with all versions of InfoBuffer360 Informatec.

Interactive, drill-down cost center reports All of the cost center’s information available through the same interface from the company down to the extensions.

Preset and record report parameters Very useful if you need to issue monthly reports.

Configure PBX CDRs through the interface Reduce processing preparation times.

Automatic reporting All reports can be configured to be issued automatically, with no limit to the number of configured schedules, including their respective parameters, via email *TLS/SSL), printing, file etc. and formats like PDF, XLS, DOC, RTF, ODT, ODS, TXT etc.

Virtualization Info360 Informatec call accounting may run on virtual machine via, for example, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle Virtual Box, VMware and XenServer. Virtualizers are supported on all versions that run the operating system with which Info360 Informatec is compatible. Find here the list of supported operating systems.

Scalability Neither highly complex topologies nor massive data volumes are too much for Info360 Informatec to handle due to its scalability in data collection, information processing or report issuing.

Survivability (High Availability) For situations in which the physical failure of computers should not lead to the call accounting stop, Info360 Informatec implements survivability mechanisms, with fully transparent operation for users.

Data Cube  NEW  Now Info360 Informatec has a graphical and user-friendly interface that allows the user to create tables with multiple dimensions (data cube)

Integration with Data Analytics systems Info360 Informatec has seamless integration with Data Analytics systems like Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, Tableau etc., so that the user works on a single interface.

Integration with third party softwares Info360 Informatec call accounting can be integrated with third party solutions in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons. A typical example is found in hotels, where the call costs must be sent to a PMS (local or centralized) so that they can be charged to guests

Free Documentation and Training We know that such a complete tool as Info360 Informatec requires excellent training and documentation to be used in all its potential. For this reason, the product contains complete online documentation and Informatec makes available on the Internet an e-learning platform with free online training, 24 hours a day, which includes support material, learning tests and certification, covering the topics such as Installation, Operation and Maintenance.

BackupInfo360 Informatec has an automatic and scheduling (no limit) backup mechanism, which not only backs up phone calls per se, but also all information used by the system, including collection modules that are installed in a decentralized way. At the end of the process, a notification e-mail may be automatically sent.

Some of the reports available:

  • Analysis -> Analysis of operators
  • Analysis of Prefixes
  • Analysis -> Annual expenditure analysis
  • Analysis -> Monthly expenses per central
  • Analysis -> Rate Values ​​Analysis
  • Analysis -> Statistics
  • Analysis -> Total by detailed central
  • Analysis -> Total by detailed central (group of countries)
  • Analysis -> Volume discounts calculation
  • Answer -> Answered X not answered - For c.custo
  • Answered -> Answered X not answered - By item
  • Ateste -> Ateste by User
  • Ateste -> Ateste links
  • Ateste -> Authorized Debits by Branch
  • Ateste -> Authorized Debts
  • Ateste -> Cost Center to Atteste
  • Attest -> Attest Status by Cost Center
  • Atteste -> Status of attestations
  • Atteste -> Status of the attests by Extension
  • Branch -> Branch (with Physical Branch)
  • Branch -> Branch Licensing
  • Branch -> Branch Report
  • Branch -> Branch Report - Group of countries
  • Branch -> Branch Report - Step
  • Branch -> Branch with PIN Accounting
  • Branch -> Inactive Branches
  • Branch -> Physical Branch
  • Branch -> Valid Extensions by Central
  • Conversions -> Central Conversions
  • Conversions -> Conversions by Date
  • Conversions -> Last Conversion by Central
  • Cost center -> Cost center
  • Cost Center -> Cost Center - by Connection Type
  • Cost Center -> Cost Center - Fixed Rate by Central
  • Cost Center -> Cost Center By Subordinate (Evolution)
  • Cost Center -> Cost Center Grouped by Dialed Number
  • Cost Center -> Cost Center Registration
  • Cost Center -> Cost Center Summary by Type
  • Cost Center -> Cost Center Totalizing by Center
  • Cost Center -> Cost Center Totalizing Subordinate (Displays VC1, VC2, VC3)
  • Cost Center -> Cost Center Totalizing Subordinates
  • Cost Center -> Cost Center x Operator
  • Cost Center -> Cost Center-Cellular Detail
  • Cost Center -> Cost Center-Detail Operator
  • Cost Center -> Cost Centers Hierarchy
  • Cost Center -> Detailed Cost Center
  • Cost Center -> Detailed Cost Center with Accounting PIN
  • Cost Center -> Fixed Rate Cost Center
  • Cost Center -> Flow / Statistic by Cost Center
  • Cost Center -> List of Cost Centers and associated extensions
  • Cost center -> Total per call type per C.Cost
  • Cost center -> Type of connection per cost center
  • Current account -> Current account balance
  • Current account -> Current account statement
  • Current account -> Distribution of current account balance
  • Customer Service -> Customer Service X did not answer. by Central
  • Customer Service -> Customer Service X did not attend.- Cost branch
  • Customer Service -> Customer Service X not attended.- Branch of item org.
  • Customer Service -> Monthly Statistics
  • Customer Service -> Performance -> attend by item org.
  • Customer Service -> Performance -> attend extension by item org.
  • Customer Service -> Performance -> attend extension for c.custo
  • Customer Service -> Performance -> attend for c.custo
  • Evolution -> Evolution by Cost Center
  • Evolution -> Evolution by Operator
  • Evolution -> Evolution of Expenses
  • Export -> Account Code (RTF)
  • Export -> Branch (for export)
  • Export -> Connection Type per C.Cost to Export
  • Export -> Cost center (for export in TXT)
  • Export -> Cost center (for export)
  • Export -> Cost Center (STI Format Athens)
  • Export -> Cost center account in TXT
  • Export -> Cost center by acronym
  • Export -> Cost Center Totalizing Subordinates (Exp.)
  • Export -> Cost center with times (export)
  • Export -> Date for Export
  • Export -> Detailed Cost Center for Export
  • Export -> Export Cost Center Account
  • Export -> Fixed Rate Cost Center
  • Extension -> Extension (Export) - Standard STI Windows
  • Extension -> Extension (Export) - Standard STI Windows-CC
  • Extension -> Extension by type of connection
  • Extension -> Extension Cell Phones Detail
  • Extension -> Extension usage
  • Extension -> Extensions List (Displays Password)
  • Extension -> Extensions not registered
  • Extension -> List of Extensions
  • Flow -> Flow of connections All Central
  • Flow -> Flow of Connections By Cost Center
  • Flow -> Flow of Connections Per Conglomerate
  • Flow -> Flow of the connections
  • Flow -> Flow of the connections By Central
  • Flow -> Flow of the connections by Route
  • Information of the plant
  • Interactive -> C. cost / organizational item
  • Interactive -> Cost Center
  • Other -> Account code grouped by Sigla
  • Other -> Accounting Code
  • Other -> Connections by Password
  • Other -> Date
  • Other -> Date by Central
  • Other -> Detailed Region
  • Other -> GAP of Hours
  • Other -> Minutes GAP
  • Other -> Number dialed
  • Other -> Organizational Item
  • Others -> Calls Tracking
  • Others -> Carriers
  • Others -> Inactive logs
  • Others -> Logs not registered
  • Others -> Non-registered passwords
  • Others -> Rates and rates by central
  • Others -> Trunk
  • Phone account -> Account by cost centers
  • Phone account -> Account for organizational items
  • Phone book -> User phone book
  • Phonebook -> Global Phonebook
  • QoS Reports -> Date with QoS
  • QoS Reports -> QoS - Consumed Band
  • QoS Reports -> QoS by Extension
  • QoS Reports -> QoS Extension
  • Reports by User -> Account by User
  • Reports by User -> Cost Center
  • Reports by User -> Cost Center Totalizing Subordinates
  • Reports by User -> Flow and Statistics
  • Reports by User -> Physical Extent per User
  • Reports by User -> Register of Activities by User
  • Reports by User -> Telephone Account by Cost Center
  • Reports by User -> User Access Report
  • Reports by User -> User Summary by Type
  • Telephone account -> Account per extension
  • Traffic -> Calculation of Traffic in Lot
  • Traffic -> HMM by Route
  • Traffic -> Occupation Trunks x Day
  • Traffic -> Traffic Analysis
  • Traffic -> Traffic Calculation
  • Traffic -> Traffic Intensity
  • Traffic -> Traffic x Day
  • Traffic -> Using Trunks
  • User Reports -> User Registration
Minimum Topology The topology is checked in accordance with the number of CDRs and simultaneous users.

Info360 Informatec can even work with just one computer, which would run SQL Server (that could be the free, Express version), the Collection Module, Billing Module and web server (IIS).

However, for more complex call accounting situations, such as a company with various branches, or mixed use, for example, where several PBX models are in use at the same time, high traffic volumes, such as those experienced by call centers, or intensive use, such as where several users need to access the system simultaneously, it is advisable to install the database on a server (or cluster), the billing module and IIS on a second computer and the collection module on subsequent computers.

Minimum specifications for a call flow of 100,000 calls per month, convertion of 20,000 CDRs/hour and up to 10 simultaneous accesses via web:
  • Intel Core i5 or superior
  • 4 GB RAM or more
  • Windows: find here the list of supported operating systems.
  • Microsoft SQL Server (EXPRESS, STANDARD or ENTERPRISE), CORE LICENSE or 1 CAL per user with direct access to the software: find here the list of supported databases.
  • HD 500 GB SATA 7200 RPM or superior
  • Network interface 10/100 or superior
  • Important: Informatec scales the case-by-case system with the commercial proposal, free of charge
Configuration of users' computers
  • macOS 10.14 Mojave, macOS 10.13 High Sierra, macOS 10.12 Sierra, OS X 10.11 El Capitan, OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite, OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks
  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP
  • Updated browser
PBX The CDRs collection and remote programming interface depends on the platform used (TDM, Hybrid, IPs) and the technical characteristics of the PABX(s) in question.

Compatibility Info360 Informatec is compatible with any PBX, gateway, dialer, softswitch or equipment that generates CDRs with information about outgoing and/or incoming calls. Among them:
  • 3Com
  • 3CX
  • Aastra
  • Alcatel
  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
  • Alliance
  • Ampec
  • Asterisk
  • AudioCodes
  • Avaya
  • Batik
  • Broadsoft
  • Cisco
  • Collab
  • Comdial
  • Daruma
  • Del Grande
  • Dialtech
  • Digistar
  • Dígitro
  • Digivoice
  • Elastix
  • Epygi
  • Ericsson
  • Ericsson-LG
  • Fasor
  • FreePBX
  • GenNex
  • Goldstar
  • Grandstream
  • Huawei
  • Intelbras
  • Khomp
  • Leucotron
  • LG Nortel
  • Lucent
  • Matec
  • Mediant
  • Meta
  • Microsoft Teams
  • MicroX
  • Mitel
  • Monytel
  • MS Lync
  • NEC
  • Noble
  • Nortel
  • Nutron
  • OLOS
  • Omni Vista
  • OpenVox
  • Panasonic
  • Philips
  • Plexus
  • Quadro
  • Samsung
  • Sangoma
  • Siemens
  • Skype for Business
  • Smart.Core
  • Sopho
  • Tadiram
  • Talk telecom
  • TLD
  • TMS
  • TradeNet
  • Unify
  • uTech
  • VCX
  • VDM
  • Voicetec
  • Xorcom
  • Zetax
In case your equipment is not listed above please contact Informatec: all new integrations are made free of charge.

Integration with PMSs Info360 Informatec can be integrated with the main PMSs on the market, including:
  • Agilysys rGuest Stay
  • Agilysys Visual One
  • APP Sistemas
  • ASI FrontDesk
  • AutoClerk MyHMS
  • Booking Center MyPMS
  • Carsoft
  • Cenium PMS
  • CheckIn Nethotel
  • Cimso Innkeeper
  • Club Intrawest RCC
  • Consolidated Resorts Cornerstone
  • Desbravador
  • Engenho
  • Execu/Tech Systems HOTEL Premium
  • FOLS
  • Guestline Guestline
  • Guestline RezLynx
  • Hotel Software Systems (HSS) FrontClerk 2000
  • Hotelogix PMS
  • HTNG
  • Hyatt Vacation Ownership
  • iBooking
  • iHotelligence
  • IndexSys
  • Infor HMS
  • Infor Starlight
  • InHotel
  • INNClient Server System (ICSS) ATRIUM
  • INNfinity Hospitality Systems INNfinity
  • INNfinity Hospitality Systems INNfinity Lite
  • innRoad
  • Integra InHotel
  • Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)
  • IQware
  • LogiSoft Computer Systems LogiSoft PHMS (Positive Hotel Management System)
  • MAiS Information Systems Fidelity
  • Micros Fidelio
  • MultiSystems MSI CloudPM
  • Newhotel Cloud PMS
  • Newhotel PMS
  • Nortel Meridian 1 PMSI
  • NorthWind Software Corp Maestro PMS
  • OCL Volux
  • ONETECH Solution
  • OnQ RS232C
  • Opera Cloud PMS
  • Opera PMS
  • PC Systems
  • pHoTon
  • Pueblo Bonito
  • ResortSuite
  • RezStream RezStream Professional
  • RMS
  • RSI International RoomKey Express
  • RSI International RoomKey
  • Sabre Hospitality Solutions SynXis Property Manager
  • SAHM
  • Skyware Systems
  • Softbrands
  • SpringerMiller Systems ATRIO
  • StayNTouch Rover
  • Synergex International Corporation RCC
  • Systems Products International SPI Win
  • TCA Innsist
  • Totvs
  • Ventana
  • Wyndham Vacation Ownership Focus
In case your PMS is not listed above please contact Informatec: all new integrations are made free of charge.