CDRsRetriever is a software that collects call detail records (CDRs) and makes them available in text files for third-party systems for post-processing (usually call acocunting systems).

The software can collect CDRs from PBXs, gateways, softswitches and dialers.

The product supports the main protocols for collecting CDRs and there is no limit on the amount of silmutaneous collections.

Multisite CDRsRetriever can collect CDRs from multiple sites simultaneously, without limit.

Unlimited CDRs There is no limit on the amount of CDRs collected.

Virtualizable The software can be installed on both a physical computer and a virtual machine.

Multiple protocol support CDRsRetriever supports multiple ways to collect CDRs, including:
- IP Socket
- Serial (RS-232C)
- Syslog
- Telnet

No need for databases The retrieved CDRs are automatically stored in text files, without the need for databases.

Unique output format for software manufacturers (such as call accounting, PMS etc.) An added advantage is that CDRsRetriever can be configured to automatically convert CDRs collected from multiple PBXs into a single output format. In this way, software manufacturers (call accounting, PMS etc.) do not need to change a single line in the source code depending on the PBX, as all CDRs will be in the same format.

Computer requirements
  • Intel Core i7 or superior
  • 4 GB RAM or more
  • Windows 10 Pro, Windows Server 2019 or 2016 or 2012 or 2008, 64 bits
  • SSD 50 GB free or more
  • Network interface 10/100 or superior