We have been selected by Avaya, a global software and corporate collaboration and communication services provider, as its Technological Partner in the Avaya DevConnect program.

We developed a suite of applications providing convenience in the hotel industry. And, as a Technological Partner in Avaya’s DevConnect program, Informatec’s solutions provide seamless interoperability with the Avaya platform, allowing hotels to benefit from multi-language support: Automated Attendant, Voice Mail, Automatic Wakeup, Room Status, Minibar, Weather Forecast, Express Check-out, Alert & Evacuation, Audio Text, Music-On-Hold and Call Accounting, fully integrated with the PBX and the main PMS software used by the top hotels around the globe.

Due to the level of integration our requires just a single interface with the PMS, reducing costs and complexity.

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Avaya Application Notes (in English)
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